Nixukinesis is the mental abilitiy to manipulate pressure. One using this power could manipulate pressure around a energetic construct to make it feel physical.

Possible usesEditEdit

Often confused with Telekinesis as telekinesis is general movement of object, and as well often confused with gravitokinesis, this is the ability to control pressure. This could be a valuable skill for divers to learn as using this they could prevent the bends.

Using this ability someone could:

Protect themselves and others from extremes of pressure or the bends.

Apply pressure to something or change the air pressure in a room or area.

Create a vacuum of air.

Make a energetic construct feel physical.


Surprisingly not many dangers to this ability, obvious mis-focus lack of control stuff but apart from that it is actually quite safe to learn.

How to learn NixukinesisEditEdit

The best way to learn this is to know Energy manipulation first, then to develop this skill just try using that energy to apply pressure to something soft to build up your NixuK EBM.